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Cygnet DK (Double Knitting)


Cygnet DK is a beautiful, classic double knitting yarn, which has always been extremely popular. This standard double knitting yarn is incredibly versatile and comes in an array of bright and subtle colours; perfect for any project.

Type: Double Knitting
Composition: 100% Acrylic
Weight: 100g ball
Meterage: approx 298m / 100g (326 yds)
Needle Size: 3.25 – 4mm
Pack Size: 10 balls
Tension: 10cm / 4 inches = 22sts / 27 rows
Patterns: Knits to DK Patterns
Extra: Machine Washable









Barley 4884Barley 4884Fern 2759Fern 2759Regal 2566Regal 2566Soft Coral 2307Soft Coral 2307Chocolate 2297Chocolate 2297Marine Mix 1791Marine Mix 1791Bottle 1388Bottle 1388Saxe 1255Saxe 1255Red 1206Red 1206Lt Mauve 1048Lt Mauve 1048Burgundy 999Burgundy 999Vintage Rose 639Vintage Rose 639Maple 544Maple 544Rust 506Rust 506Emerald 377Emerald 377Mauve Mix 331Mauve Mix 331Petrole 325Petrole 325Kiwi 303Kiwi 303Cranberry 298Cranberry 298Cream 256Cream 256Beige 240Beige 240Lilac 233Lilac 233Candyfloss 229Candyfloss 229Black 217Black 217Aqua 211Aqua 211White 208White 208Lt Grey 195Lt Grey 195Grey Mix 194Grey Mix 194Sunshine 184Sunshine 184Flash 159Flash 159Bluebell 149Bluebell 149Navy 148Navy 148Mother of Pearl 146Mother of Pearl 146Daffodil 145Daffodil 145Cerise 134Cerise 134Royal 133Royal 133Harvest 154Harvest 154Heather 150Heather 150Jaffa 6632Jaffa 6632
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Barley 4884, Fern 2759, Regal 2566, Soft Coral 2307, Chocolate 2297, Marine Mix 1791, Bottle 1388, Saxe 1255, Red 1206, Lt Mauve 1048, Burgundy 999, Vintage Rose 639, Maple 544, Rust 506, Emerald 377, Mauve Mix 331, Petrole 325, Kiwi 303, Cranberry 298, Cream 256, Beige 240, Lilac 233, Candyfloss 229, Black 217, Aqua 211, White 208, Lt Grey 195, Grey Mix 194, Sunshine 184, Flash 159, Bluebell 149, Navy 148, Mother of Pearl 146, Daffodil 145, Cerise 134, Royal 133, Harvest 154, Heather 150, Jaffa 6632, Mother of Pearl 146





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